Belly Bliss is a business dedicated to enhancing the lives of mothers and their families by empowering them and serving as a resource for health and education throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond!


Who We Are

Lauren Williams owner of Belly Bliss

As the co-owner of Belly Bliss it is an honor to have the unique opportunity to work with parents during this beautiful time in their lives. Belly Bliss is a fulfillment of my long-held dream to provide a place for parents to find the resources, education and holistic services as they travel into and through parenthood.  Fitness has been an important aspect of my life since I was a child.  I knew at an early age I wanted to bring exercise into the lives of others in a way that was fun, fresh and fulfilling.  As I developed my knowledge of the human body, its physiology, anatomy and kinesiology, I had the opportunity to work with several women who were having children and discovered what a magical time this was for them physically and emotionally.  Knowing I wanted to continue to work with women preparing for pregnancy, throughout pregnancy and into motherhood, I began to educate myself in every way possible about the changes of women's bodies and the growth of their babies.  Part of this education led me to my doula training where I attended my first birth in 2004; this is when I truly realized how strong women are.  Combining my personal training experience and doula work allows me to take a unique approach to working with women.  I love working with women throughout their pregnancy to maintain their health and the health of their baby, to give them time to relish their changing body and prepare for labor, delivery and parenthood.  As a Childbirth Educator I am able to be a valuable resource for my clients and for the parents in my classes as my knowledge of the human body and experience in these different yet related fields provides a fresh and encompassing background for teaching.  I am a Lamaze certified educator and have created my childbirth classes to help parents understand the anatomical and physiological changes that take place during pregnancy and childbirth, and to help them prepare for labor, childbirth and parenthood on an emotional, intellectual and physical level.  In addition I am a Dr.Sear L.E.A.N. certified instructor and love teaching doula workshops and attachment parenting workshops here at Belly Bliss.  My sweet little boy was born in 2010 and you can often find him running around the Yoga studios or coloring in the store front here at Belly Bliss. Being his mother has been the greatest honor of my life.


"My massage from Beth was definitely the best prenatal massage I have had...and probably close to the very best I've EVER had.  Scheduling with her again in a few week."

...  Katie W.


"Classes at One Yoga have been wonderful.  The studio is beautiful and very accommodating.  I have taken classes there with Lizz Lewis, Carole Robinson-Brass and Kait Welch and have enjoyed all three teachers but think Carole is absolutely outstanding!  I appreciate that you have added more classes at this location and hope you will consider adding even more.  I practiced yoga at your Cherry Creek store throughout my first pregnancy but now that we live close to One Yoga it is wonderful to take Belly Bliss classes closer to my home."  ... Anonymous


"I have really enjoyed the classes at ONE Yoga. The studio is very nice and it is closer to my house than the main studio.  Also, I absolutely LOVE Carole! I've tried taking as many of her classes as possible."  ... Anonymous


"My first experience with Belly Bliss was with my first pregnancy 4 years ago.  I attended the classes in Cherry Creek and enjoyed them very much.  We have since moved further south. I started taking prenatal yoga classes during this current pregnancy at a different yoga/prenatal studio.  I was dissatisfied with the level of intensity and overall vibe there and looked for alternatives.  Naturally, I looked to see what Belly Bliss had to offer and was pleased to see the classes offered at ONE Yoga.  I've been absolutely thrilled with the studio, location, and especially the instructors.  Carole generally teaches the classes I've attended. I look forward to class and feel recharged physically and mentally when I leave. I love the level of intensity, her genuine kindness and interest in everyone in class, and the feeling of community among the soon-to-be-moms that is fostered there.  Liz recently subbed for one of Carole's classes, and I was fortunate to have a one on one session with her.  She also brought a great level of intensity, with exactly the kind of stretching that I needed at this point in my pregnancy. It was an excellent session.  Since no one else was in the class, I got a little bonus massage during legs up the wall.   There's just a clear sense of the dedication that your instructors have to their craft and students. I will definitely continue to look for classes offered by Belly Bliss, and also will look for classes offered at ONE Yoga in the future."  ... Kate O.


"I feel so blessed to have received a scholarship from Belly Bliss, it allowed me to have the pregnancy that I deeply desired.   As a student, I wouldn’t have been able to afford childbirth workshops or fitness classes, but I knew that I wanted to give my baby the proven advantages of taking yoga.   Also, as a first time mom I wanted to know more about childbirth before I went in to labor.   Every time I went to a workshop or class I had the opportunity to connect with myself, and my baby in such a special way. The scholarship is the reason why I had such a successful birth, I would not have been as empowered, comfortable or knowledgeable in labor as I was, without the yoga classes and childbirth classes I was able to take.   The classes are truly amazing, whether you have practiced yoga for years or are a first timer like me.  You learn to listen to the needs of your body and learn that it is okay to create the birthing experience you want. I am beyond grateful for the scholarship and thankful to those who made it possible."  ... Monica


"I was lucky to have a very quick and easy labor but I definitely give credit to Belly bliss for some of that...I learned a lot of labor is mental and how strong you have to be as it is easy to loose yourself in the pain and get scared.   All the breathing and meditation techniques I learned at belly bliss really helped keep me mental focused and strong!  I also think maintaining my flexibility throughout my pregnancy through the belly yoga classes made labor/birth so much more comfortable as well! I recommend prenatal yoga to everyone...and I wasn't even a 'yoga person' pre-pregnancy!  I recently bought a mommy and me yoga package and i can't wait to get back to belly bliss! I will definitely be back at prenatal yoga with my next pregnancy, the support system at belly bliss is amazing and it was wonderful having a great network of women who understand you during such an incredible journey towards motherhood!!  I have to say Jennifer Lux was my favorite instructor...she has such a calm way about her that instantly eased my mind every Sunday during belly yoga and I tried to channel that during my labor...she's the best!   Thank you Belly Bliss!!!"  ... Anonymous


"I loved being around so many other pregnant women in Belly Yoga!   Those classes were so valuable, especially late in pregnancy when I was so 'over' being pregnant."

... Anonymous


"I really enjoyed my classes at Belly Bliss. It was really nice being around all other women going through the same thing.  I looked forward to each class."  ... Anonymous


"Shannon Faber, a teacher whose class I regularly attended while pregnant was a huge help to me because of the things I learned from her during yoga classes.  She wasn't my doula but had a huge impact on my birth experience."  ... Anonymous


"Belly Bliss has supported me through motherhood in so many ways.  I "survived" pregnancy with pre-natal yoga and I felt better prepared for delivery.  As soon as Oliver was 6 weeks, Belly Bliss was my second home. Oliver and I bonded with Yoga classes which also helped me to feel confident and balanced again. I worked with Allison through some rolfing sessions to feel strong and aligned after pregnancy and labor. However, the most valuable thing I gained at Belly Bliss is an amazing friend named Jill. We nursed our 6 week old babies together after mommy and me yoga.  We started talking and realized we had a lot in common. Jill and I have developed a great relationship and our little boys are now 20 months.  We play together all the time. It's great to have a space like Belly Bliss to meet like-minded moms and connect with your baby!"   ... Cheryl S.


"I love belly bliss!  This place gave my friend and I peace of mind and happiness during pregnancy.  Thanks for everything you do!"  ... Anonymous


"Belly Bliss has been a wonderful support to me during the lead-up to motherhood.  From feeling safe and secure in pre-natal exercise classes to a wonderful natural childbirth class, I always know that whatever programming Belly Bliss offers will be terrific.  I have trusted Belly Bliss to provide information and support in a wonderful, warm environment and I will continue to do so once my baby arrives."  ... Lauren M.


"I absolutely loved prenatal yoga and definitely plan to continue yoga for myself and with future pregnancies. The emotional and mental preparation that I gained was such an important part of having a positive experience. Thank you!"  ... Anonymous


"Belly Bliss has been an integral part of my journey from trying to conceive to pregnancy and hopefully postpartum as well.  I attended the fertility workshop with a girlfriend before getting pregnant and have consistently attending the Belly Yoga classes since being pregnant.  I love the teachers and support that Belly Bliss provides me.  It is lovely to spend time with a like minded community."  ... Rachel L.


"I really believe that my yoga helped both my labor experience and also my post-natal recovery. I have told all my friends that they should practice yoga while pregnant and try to maintain a practice following the birth. I loved it."  ... Anonymous


"My ultimate goal is to have a healthy baby naturally and do the best I can".  As I told myself this mantra over and over leading up to my due date, Lauren made me believe it was true. She introduced me to the possibility and power within myself. Through her passion and dedication to women, I began to believe that there is beauty and wonder in birth...just waiting for me to experience it. On the day my daughter was born, Lauren had already done half of her job by getting into my head and into my heart. The other half was helping me to get through labor.  She was so knowledgeable about the stages of my labor, ideas of how to ease the intensity of it, and how to help me so that I was able to accomplish my personal goals. Her presence was a wonderful driving force on the most powerful and tender day of my life." ... Jessie Campagna, Denver, CO


"We had a great experience at Belly Bliss and continue to recommend it highly to everyone we know who is expecting."   ... Anonymous


"I attribute the success of my first pregnancy in large part to Belly Bliss. Deb and Lauren are caring, knowledgeable, and supportive. The prenatal "Belly Yoga" class provides a great workout and an opportunity to meet and bond with other expectant moms.  Deb and Lauren have an impressive network of experts who come in and teach useful classes.  The Breastfeeding Class in particular was extremely helpful.  My husband and I took the infant massage class and have made a nightly massage part of our daughter Mia's nighttime routine. We are convinced the massage helps her wind down and sleep through the night. I highly recommend that class to parents of newborns! They also offer a great selection of eco friendly and very cute baby gear as well as "must have" products for moms. I cannot say enough positive things about Belly Bliss and I highly recommend that moms utilize their wonderful services!"  ... Ingrid Briant


"Belly Bliss was a very important part of my pregnancy. I didn't experience any aches and pains that many women experience during pregnancy. I believe this was a direct result of my yoga practice at Belly Bliss."  ... Anonymous


"Belly Bliss is a must for any mommy-to-be in Denver!  The prenatal yoga and fitness classes at Belly Bliss kept me in shape and were essential for my own mental and physical well-being as I prepared for childbirth and motherhood. Beyond the wonderful variety of classes and services available at Belly Bliss, Deb Mills and Lauren Williams have created so much more than a space for mothers-to-be to work out and take care of themselves. They have successfully created a positive space for women to come together and share about pregnancy and motherhood. It is a place to build relationships, feel supported and embrace the change a mommy-to-be experiences.  Belly Bliss is not simply a yoga and fitness studio but a place that facilitates building a community of strong, healthy and happy women."  ... Emma Cardillo


"I loved the community that Belly Bliss created while I was pregnant and postpartum. The studio is a wonderful place for women and families to connect and I definitely recommend it to others."  ... Anonymous


"Belly Bliss offers more than yoga, fitness and whole body care. Belly Bliss provides community during a special and irreplaceable time in women's lives through building friendships, providing moments of laughter and support through sharing stories, and cultivating a positive environment where women in all stages of pre and post pregnancy can feel comfortable, secure and empowered in their pregnancies.  The women I have met at Belly Bliss continue to be a part of my life outside of the studio and our children have new friends before they are even born!"

... Sarah Foster


"After giving birth, I had little energy and felt physically 'scattered'. I felt like I was still carrying all the weight of pregnancy even though I was no longer pregnant. After each session with Allison, I felt so much lighter and put back together. Allison has a way of working that helps you see past your body image into the wonder of how the body works. I was able to experience myself in a whole new light.”   ... D.V., 35 years old, first time mom


"I have to tell you the hour you spent with me has made a huge difference. Simply changing the way that I walk has brought me so much more comfort in my body. Every time I notice that I'm feeling a little tired or achey somewhere I'm able to adjust my steps accordingly and the discomfort immediately goes away. I feel like my breathing capacity has increased over the past few days along with the release in my sides too.  What an awesome gift to give to a pregnant woman!!!!!"

... Shannon, Belly Bliss yoga instructor and 2nd-time mom


"I have known and been working with Lauren for two years. Lauren is a thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate woman that brightens any environment she is in. She brings commitment and caring to everyone that she works with, and will go above and beyond to try to exceed expectations. She has impacted my life so positively that I believe that anyone or any project that she is involved with will not only succeed, but also be better for having her involvement."  ... Claire, Denver, CO


"I am writing to express my strong support for Deb Mills and Lauren Williams business Belly Bliss. As a speaker, author, filmmaker, Doula trainer with DONA International, a teacher trainer with Lamaze International and co-chair of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative I have been working in maternal child health both in the U.S. and internationally for more than 25 years. Belly Bliss’s model of caring and service that includes education, fitness, and environmentally responsible eco-friendly products brings an innovative and much needed approach to maternal/child health education and fitness. A recent article in the Journal of Perinatal Education by De Vries proposes a new approach to childbirth education; Centers for the Childbearing Year, (CCBYs) is the place for women to go for information and support related to fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care. In creating a fresh model of childbirth education, we not only honor our pioneers, but also rediscover the wisdom in community and relationship that childbirth offers us and we learn in new ways to journey alongside each other to create new possibilities for birthing families. Belly Bliss takes the new ideas proposed in this article and exceeds them. I believe Belly Bliss is at the cutting edge of this new approach and will be a model center with the possibility for expansion to other regions of the country and beyond. Women are looking for one stop shopping. Current hospital based childbirth education is not meeting the needs of women and their families. Women benefit from social support, community building as well as providing evidence based information thus allowing them to make informed decision about both their own and babies care. Belly Bliss does this and more. Including specialty classes, fitness and products compliments and expands the opportunities that women have for health and wellness for both themselves and their families. I look forward to supporting Belly Bliss and sharing their model as I speak about new trends and opportunities in maternity care around the world."  ...Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower women in their childbearing years through education, to enhance optimal wellness by providing a comprehensive fitness program from early pregnancy onwards, and to offer environmentally friendly, high-quality retail products.  In achieving these goals, the mother's growth and satisfaction with the process is paramount.  We will ensure this experience by providing professional, state-of-the-art instruction from Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Lactation Consultants and fitness professionals, as well as developing a community of educators, mothers and families.


Belly Bliss is Denver's premier pregnancy center and was founded in 2008 by Lauren Williams and Deb Mills who bring together resources for expectant mothers and their families.  Belly Bliss offers prenatal fitness, Yoga and Barre classes, Mommy & Me classes such as Yoga, dance and playtime classes and toddler play and Yoga classes.  In addition Belly Bliss offers childbirth education and parenting workshops.  Deb and Lauren found the best practitioners in the Denver area who specialize in women's health to provide Massage,  Acupuncture, and Chiropractic.  Belly Bliss has a retail store with environmentally friendly products for mom and baby.


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