Childbirth Ed

Belly Bliss offers several Childbirth Education class options:

... Belly Bliss 3 Week Childbirth Preparation
... Belly Bliss Weekend Intensive Childbirth Class
... Childbirth Refresher Class
... Hypnobabies
... Natural Childbirth Series


Are you unsure what is the right childbirth class for you and your growing family?
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"I loved the class! Carole did a great job focusing on what was most important to our class members.  She created a safe, warm environment to learn and ask questions.  I would recommend it to others."  ... Kim W


"I wanted to give you an update, after taking your amazing birth, breast feeding, and newborn prep classes I was able to put all your great information to use for the birth of my son, Reznor, on 12/19.  I was able to experience an all natural birth with no was amazing! Breast feeding is going really well and we are loving on our little man so hard.  Thanks for all of your support.  I will see you in the future for mommy & baby yoga."  ... J.Handloff


"I wanted to say thank you for my wonderful childbirth classes we took at Belly Bliss!  Our class was very open and we felt very safe expressing our concerns and desires.  We chose to have an epidural and other unplanned interventions were involved however the things we learned in class were very helpful we felt very empowered. Thank you for taking such good care of us while we were there!"  ... M.O.

About Childbirth Education


Our childbirth classes can be taught as private or small group classes if you prefer to set something up to fit your schedule. 

Please contact to discuss your options.
Breathing for Childbirth Private Class
People get amazing one on one attention and the whole experience is catered towards the kind of birth experience they want to have and the role their partner wants to play and how to support the partner in that process.  People always leave the privates feeling confident, grounded and like they have clear tools.  These are great for people with limited time, people who want to have a different experience with a second or third birth, people who are anxious and feeling under prepared, or couples who haven't had time to check in with each other and reflect on their upcoming birth experience.  Mostly, it is an excellent workshop where the focus is getting the birth partner involved and creating a strong tool kit for them as well as the mom.



A Childbirth Education Class can help prepare mothers and their support person for the changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth. Being prepared and having a plan for how you will approach this very important time can help you create a labor and birthing experience in tune with your desires.


Read More about our certifying organizations:

... Lamaze and Prepared Childbirth 

... Birthing from Within 

... Hypno Babies



Common Newborn Questions...


How often do I need to bathe my newborn, and what kind of soap and shampoo should I use?
Before they begin eating solids (when food will find its way into every bodily crevice) and crawling (when hands and knees will be perpetually grimy), babies don't have many opportunities to get dirty.  So unless the baby is especially fond of her bath or soothed by it, every other day is plenty for now, with spot washing in between.  More than that can dry the skin.  Shampooing is rarely needed more than once or twice a week (unless your baby's sweating a lot in hot weather or has a full head of hair). Soap is usually only necessary on the dirtiest areas, such as the hands and bottom.  To reduce potential dryness or irritation, use a gentle product designed for babies that contain no colors or fragrances.

Will I spoil my baby by picking him up every time he cries?
A good cry is a baby's way of saying he's hungry, bored, lonely, overtired, in pain, or simply in need of a cuddle.   When you respond to his cries, the baby learns not only that he's loved and valued but also that communication works.   This is an early and important lesson in socialization.   New parents should not worry that they might be overindulging him; most babies under six months don't possess the cognitive sophistication necessary to be manipulative: so it's virtually impossible to spoil them.  In fact, many experts believe that infants who are picked up when they cry actually cry less and demand less attention later on.   As a bonus, they're more likely to grow up self-reliant, and trusting.   This doesn't mean you should drop everything when the baby cries.  If it takes you a few minutes to finish what you're doing, that's fine as long as he can't get himself into any trouble in the meantime.   Play some soothing music or put a favorite toy within his line of sight and get to him as soon as you're done.  If it's practical (you're working in the same room, you're not on the phone), talk to him so he knows you're there.

When I take my baby out, strangers inevitably comment to me that he's not dressed warmly enough.  But I'm afraid of overheating him. Who's right?

Infants under six months generally require about one layer more than you do to stay comfortably warm. Older babies typically need to wear only as much as an adult does when they leave the house.  Hats are a good idea in even slightly cool weather, since 25 percent of body heat is lost through the head.  The best gauge of whether a baby is too cold is not his hands - which may be cool even when he's warm - but the nape of his neck.  If it's warm to the touch, he's dressed just right. It is wise not to layer on too many clothes. More babies are overdressed for the outdoors, which can lead to overheating, than are under dressed.


From Sharon Rowland, Postpartum Nurse, owner of Smooth Transitions and teacher of Infant Care 101 at Belly Bliss.

Want to know more?  Join us for Infant Care 101!


Lactation Education


Blissful Breastfeeding Class
This class is designed to help parents feel confident and knowledgeable about their decision to breastfeed while providing evidence-based information and skills to promote successful breastfeeding. Some topics that will be discussed include: skin to skin, baby lead breast feeding, latch, pumping, breast feeding while working, ways to support the nursing mother and much more.



Belly Bliss is proud to offer one of Denver's best IBCLC Lactation Consultants,  Marianne Kmak ... Read More


As a new mom, it is normal to have questions about breastfeeding your baby and it is necessary to receive support.  At the Blissful Breastfeeding Support Group you will be able to enhance your breastfeeding experience by learning how to gauge your baby’s growth, have your breastfeeding questions answered, receive the support and reassurance you deserve and by meeting a new network of friends.

Mothers are invited to attend with their infants/babies/toddlers for the duration of their breastfeeding experience. 

Please bring a breastfeeding pillow with you to the class. 


This group is offered at:

STAR Center - Mondays at 11:30 AM
Belly Bliss Cherry Creek - Wednesdays at 11:15 AM




10 Important Reasons to Breastfeed
The benefits of breastfeeding are countless and it is not just baby who benefits. Breastfeeding is what is best for mother, baby, and the environment and has a positive effect far beyond the family unit that goes into our community and world.
Optimal nutrition for your baby, although a very important benefit of breastfeeding, is not the only reason to breastfeed.  Instead of listing numerous statistics and facts about the benefits of breastfeeding, here are 10 Important Reasons To Breastfeed.

1.  Breastfeeding creates an emotional bond between mom and baby that lasts a lifetime.
2.  Mom can burn 500-1500 calories a day just by breastfeeding!
3.  Breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS
4.  Breast fed babies are sick much less often than formula fed babies.
5.  Breastfeeding reduces the cost of healthcare.
6.  Breastfeeding reduces the risk of multiple kinds of cancer in mom.
7.  Breastfeeding reduces the amount of pollution put into our environment.
8.  Breast fed babies develop higher IQs.
9.  It is your body’s and your baby’s expectation to breastfeed.
10.  It is FREE!


Belly Bliss offers Breastfeeding Workshops and a Free Breastfeeding Support Group to support you along the way.
Check out our Schedule or call 303.399.1191 to find out more.

For a complete list of benefits of breastfeeding and statistics, visit the links below.



1 .  To prepare & toughen nipples rub them with a towel during the last trimester of pregnancy.

2 .  Hospital birth practices do not affect the duration of breastfeeding.

3 .  Breastfeeding with sore, cracked nipples is normal during the first few weeks after birth.

4 .  While breastfeeding, do not use bottles as they cause nipple confusion.

5 . Do not pump until at least three to four weeks after birth.

6 . During engorgement do not pump as it will just produce more milk.

7 . Borrowing a friend's breast pump is encouraged; it saves money & does not pose any health risks.

8 . Rotating breastfeeding positions will prevent sore nipples.

9 . In some states it is illegal to breastfeed in public.

10 . Exercising while breastfeeding may spoil the breast milk.


From Cathy Heise, Lactation Consultant

Childbirth Education  |  Workshops & Classes
* Please arrive on time to classes and check in by giving us your name when you arrive, even if you register online. We will lock the doors at the start time of the class for classes outside of business hours. Those arriving 10 minutes or later to class during business hour classes will not be allowed in to class out of respect for the other students and for safety reasons.
* Please respect our reservation system, if you reserve a spot and do not cancel prior to the class you will be charged for the class.