4 Ways Family Yoga Will Improve Your Life

It was a stressful week. With a brain-cell-intensive project deadline looming at work and new baby bills seeming to pile up on the kitchen counter like burp cloths in the laundry basket, the weekend couldn’t arrive soon enough.

After a busy Saturday filled with family outings and laundry washing, Sunday felt like the perfect time to plop on the couch and veg. But seriously, when have you ever actually enjoyed being a couch potato? It’s certainly not revitalizing. Realizing that the previous week called for a little extra TLC, I decided to try Family Yoga.



As my 5-month-old, Ellegra, and I approached the yoga studio - yoga mat and fuzzy blanket in tow - the joyful sounds of Family Yoga perked my mood immediately. It sounded like toddler squeals. There is nothing better.

Yes, Ellegra loved Family Yoga. But, what surprised me was that I was OBSESSED. Moms were there and so were dads (I hear that dads sometimes come and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes moms bring toddlers, sometimes infants; all ages of kids are welcome at Family Yoga).

Tiny babies like Ellegra lay on their blankets while cheerful toddlers and kids explored movement and bonded with their families. Molly, the teacher, was super engaged and really seemed to be having fun with us as we tried different poses and sang silly songs.

I came to realize that Family Yoga is far more beneficial than I had initially assessed and I can’t wait to go back next Sunday.

The 4 most beneficial things about Family Yoga

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1. Time (unplugged) with your favorite people

I gazed at Ellegra as she gleefully grinned up from her blanket. I took care of my body and she watched me in awe. Rarely do we get to bond in such a focused manner.

2. Connect mind and body

I couldn’t help but notice the bigger kiddos as they explored their limbs and breath. Not only did they connect with their own physicality, they observed their mamas and papas doing the same.

3. Meet other families on the same wavelength

Being a new parent can feel lonely at times. I can’t explain how refreshing it was to chat with other parents who were in my very parenting boat.

4. Relieve stress

Everyone knows yoga relieves stress. Now imagine the added stress relief of freedom from the worry that your child might cry, or roll to the wrong spot, or need a diaper change. You’re all on the same level at Family Yoga, so you can relax and enjoy the de-stressing.

Visit a Family Yoga class to start reaping the rewards!

Lauren Williams