Back to School Immunity Boost!

Smiling mother and baby laying on meadowWe are back in school -  this is a perfect time to start priming our kiddos immune systems to combat the germs and viruses they are exposed to everyday. Chinese medicine ideology promotes treating the body, before it gets sick. Preventive Medicine is a term we often hear, but are we utilizing it? Prevention is a foundation in Chinese Medicine. Did you know we offer pediatric acupuncture at Belly Bliss?

Treatments are very effective for newborns through teens! For children under 7, a non-needle technique called shonishin can be used instead of acupuncture. Shonishin, involves brushing and tapping along the meridians and acu-points.  Treatment plans are tailored for your child’s condition and comfort level.

 Here are 7 ways to improve your family’s immune system:

Increase fruit and veggies high in vitamin-C and carotenoids such as green beans, carrots, strawberries and oranges.

Get Acupuncture or shonishin- Studies have shown that acupuncture can boost the immune system by increasing T-cell count (white blood cells) that attack micro-organisms and also increase the number of antibodies.

Avoid exhaustion, don’t let yourself or your kids get too tired or stressed out. Take a rest day when needed. Listen to your body! Back to school doesn't have to mean no time off.

Sleep more! Studies show 8 hours of sleep for an adult is adequate. For children 10 hours, toddlers 12-14 and newborns 18 hours is needed in a 24 hour period.

Breast feed your baby! Breast milk contains white blood cells and immunity enhancing antibodies.

Go Play!! We live in Colorado, so get out and enjoy our beautiful outdoor recreation. Take your family on a hike, bike around town or walk around the zoo. Research shows that exercise increases natural killer cells and can help prevent disease.

Balance your body with natural medicine (such as acupuncture & herbs) before the change of weather. This will allow your body to keep up with the seasonal changes without getting sick.

Do you ever wish you could put your children in a ‘bubble’ to protect them? Chinese medicine may be your answer, at least when it comes to illnesses. “Wei Qi” or your protective energy is strongly associated with the function of the internal organs, mainly the lungs and spleen. If these organs are well-balanced they will support the immune system (Wei Qi) and strengthen its function, which will prevent you from being easily affected by external pathogenic factors (colds, flu and other infectious or microbial diseases).

Bring your whole family into Belly Bliss for an immune boosting treatment! I look forward to serving your health needs!

Yours in wellness,

Brittany Lark, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.

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