Being Present In Back To School Times

My baby goes to Kindergarten on Monday, WHAT!? How did that happen? Just yesterday, he was 9 months old - I was nursing him, watching him sit there all cute, and feeding him mashed organic sweet potatoes. Now, Kindergarten. He is a big kid. NOT a baby. And, the whole full-time school thing….

Now, this is the actual big transition for our house. We are late-risers in the morning. We lay in the bed as a family. Its special time for us, and we’re sad to not have it daily. My husband is freaking out. He literally just said to me, “This house is going to be a Sh$t Show on Monday!”

Our sweet ‘5 going on 15 year old’ is in for quite a change, and so are his ‘Going on 40 parents.’

Little does he know, I’ve been setting the stage all summer in our house. Calm, grounded parents  = Calm, grounded kiddos.

We have been talking a lot about being present and mindful this summer. I have impressed upon both my children, how very fortunate they are to have had such a fun summer of travel.

And, 5 year old - well he’s on to the next thing….Its because of the excitement of fun things to come, and his small obsession with time (the AM / PM kind).

I constantly say, “Caleb, LOOK AROUND YOU! What do you see that is beautiful?” Being mindful and present is a funny concept for 5 year olds.

2 year olds are way more present, or fixated on the moment. For example. Caleb’s sister is obsessed with the gum she isn’t allowed to chew in the car.  And will call me out when I don’t give her a piece. 2 year olds don’t understand choking hazard apparently.

So how can we, as their parents and caregivers, best support these little precious beings? Well, give them opportunities to BE IN THE MOMENT.

Practice Yoga with them through Family Yoga or Parent Toddler Yoga

Family Nature Walks - 5 minutes in the backyard or at the park! Being outside walking naturally enhances your physical and emotional energy flow.

Provide them with opportunities to practice Yoga and Breathing in their Elementary and Preschool, or in After School Activities.

Create a contained, calm environment at home  - which enhances a safe feeling while they are home.

This Fall, Belly Bliss is offering Yoga-based classes in Schools - both in classrooms and school-wide. For all ages and stages, and abilities.

We also will have an expanded Children’s Class Program designed to create connection, communication, and bonding with our little ones. Yoga isn’t the answer, for sure. But it is a good option and amazing tool. My lazy little ‘5 going on 15 year old’ and his ‘2 going on 22 year old sister’ sure can get down with it. If they can dig it, anyone can.

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