Belly Bliss Families Helping Other Families

Belly Bliss has proudly "adopted" a family from Children's Hospital this year to help provide necessities and gifts to in hopes of brightening their day.  It is our hope that the other Belly Bliss Mamas and Families will also contribute to these wonderful children!
Please read below, if there is anything you would like to contribute please email us at and let us know what you will be bringing.  All items need to be to Belly Bliss by December 12th!  You are also welcome to bring a Target Gift card or make a cash donation at Belly Bliss and we will go and collect needed items.

Thank you for being a part of this special gift with us!

First Person -  Male  Age: 16 months old
Top 3 "Needs"                                                     Top 3 "Interests"
Clothes                                                               Toddler Music sets
Toddler size blanket                                            sensory games
Humidifier                                                          Books- Interactive/Sensory
Shirt size: 18 months-24 months
Pant size: 18 months-24 months
Shoe size: 4-5 Toddlers
Comments about person:   Lyriq had a Stroke at birth and brain surgery at 1 year old, due to having hundreds of seizures daily. He currently is in Speech and Physical / Occupational therapies. His restrictions are physically right sided. He does not crawl yet or sit up completely on his own, but he learns and explores with his hands, mimicking everything. Sensory skills are vital to his development as he only has one side of his brain. He is a wonderful baby that is full of life and smiles.
Second Person -  Female  Age: 11 years old
Top 3 "Needs"                                                    Top 3 "Interests"
Clothes                                                                 Gymnastics
Snow boots                                                             Music
Coat                                                                        Fashion
Favorite color: Teal
Shirt size: Medium
Pant size: 10
Shoe size: 3-4
Comments about person:   Mari has such a caregiver heart. She has helped with Lyriq so much, giving him love and learning therapy techniques to play with him. She is such a great Big Sister.
Third Person -  Male  Age: 16 years old
Top 3 "Needs"                                                 Top 3 "Interests"
Coat- solid color                                                     Music
Clothes                                                                  Drawing
Winter boots                                                           Xbox
Favorite color: Solid neutral colors
Shirt size: Medium Men's
Pant size: 32/32 Skinny
Shoe size: 13 Men's
Comments about person:
As the oldest child, Isiaih struggles with all we have been through with Lyriq this last year.  He wants to help in so many ways but doesn't know how. I tell him he just needs to be a teenager and learn to be a great Man.
Fourth Person -  Male  Age:  Due Dec 15th, 2014
Top 3 "Needs"
Infant Receiving blankets
Diapers- size 1
Baby Trend Universal Double Stroller Cart for Toddler and Infant
Favorite color: None
Shirt size: 0-3 months
Pant size: 0-3 months
Mother and father did not request anything and just want the children to have a happy healthy holiday.  If you would like to do something for parents gifts cards for gas and groceries are very much needed and appreciated.