What Mom Really Wants This Year - Best Gifts For Mom!

Really wondering what the best gifts for Mom are? Her toddler to make an actual effort to push their arms through the sleeves of their super tight pajamas after a bath. No limp limbs, no running away – just two strong arms punching through the insanely tight fabric holes with all their might.


The announcement that the aisles in Target stores have all been widened to accommodate cars and are now drive-thru accessible. Go ahead kiddos, nap in the car all you want, Mama will get her shopping done instead of parking in the driveway and staring at Facebook/Words With Friends for two hours.


A twenty-four hour period in which no songs from Sofia the First will be running on endless loop in her head.


Okay, so none of the aforementioned things are ever going to happen, so here are a few things Mom really wants that can be had right here at Belly Bliss!


A relaxing, nurturing massage in a dark room, with soft music and most importantly, without a small person outside the door asking for lollipops or drowning out the spa playlist with their incessant whining.


An acupuncture session to soften her blocked energy and let it flow like it should – body and mind balanced. Yes, there are needles but did we mention that there are also no children?


Yoga and fitness classes. Paid for. Mom loves doing yoga to loosen up physically and mentally, but she doesn’t love trying to budget it in every month.

3 Pregos Yoga

Someone to gently put her bones back into place after pregnancy and endlessly holding, carrying, bouncing, chasing after and possibly nursing a baby or toddler. ‘Tis the season to enlist the help of a chiropractor to get Mom’s body back in alignment.


Belly Bliss is offering three holiday specials that can help give Mom what she really wants:


Save $100 on a sampler package of three 60-minute sessions of Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic services.


Enjoy 10% off gift certificates for yoga and fitness class packages (five and ten packs).


Save $50 on any four classes and two 60-minute Massages.


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Gifts for Mom