Child Focused Parenting

Child Focused Parenting As a mom, I don’t know how I could ever be anything BUT Child-Focused. When my babies were little babies, I distinctly remember thinking - “have I talked to an adult this week that isn’t my husband or mom?” I stuttered because I was out of practice.

Child Focused Parenting

When was the last time I showered? (without a kid) Got my nails done? (without a kid) Got my hair cut? (without a kid).

I’ve cancelled date nights with my husband, I missed a Lady Gaga concert,  watched endless Yo Gabba Gabba’s, cancelled eye doctor appointments, driven to the gym and turned around - because of being Child - Focused.


I know. “In order to take care of everyone else, you have to take care of yourself.” Everyone says that, women especially. It is a mantra that rings in all moms ears, reminding them to get that long overdue massage, make a lunch date with a friend, or go see a movie. And, I think could be the reason we have “Mom Guilt.”


How could I not be Child-Focused?

Our Play + Explore Classes are that - Child Focused Parenting. Because as moms, that’s what we are, and that is how we connect most with our children. We take the essence of where your kiddo is, in that very moment, and experience their world through their eyes. This means PLAY! Depending on each developmental stage, each child is going through his own process - sitting up for the first time, wanting to crawl, learning to share. It is all happening in live time! By being Child-Focused, we can better understand how our kids are processing and dealing with these mild stressors. It gives us insight into our kiddo’s personalities by getting down on their level and playing. We best support them emotionally, when we are Child - Focused.


Mother exploring the world with baby

Children are nothing but Child-Focused. Emotionally, the world is all about them! They all experience the world on a multi-dimensional level. Touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight.

Each  Play + Explore class highlights each of these senses - and then some. A little bit of yoga, structured movement, sensory play, singing and dancing. And, we do a little bit of Adult Care, because all it takes is 3 breaths to reconnect with yourself.

Belly Bliss offers Play+Explore classes based on your child's age though out the week and on the weekends!  Visit our website for times and descriptions.