Get Your Toddlers Moving!

5 fun ways to get your toddlers moving and learning!

By Miley Joyce Belly Bliss KidFit teacher get your toddlers moving

1.) Hula Hoops aren't just for spinning around your waist!

You can: Jump in an out of the hula hoop while teaching toddlers directions such as behind, to the left, to the right, and in front of the hula hoop. Hold the hula hoop with both hands in the air and wave it from side to side. Put the hula hoop over your head and let it go over your body and drop to the floor... this one is exciting for the little ones! Line up a few hula hoops and hop from one to the next or make a hula hoop obstacle course! I like to incorporate colors and counting when using hula hoops by asking questions such as: Who has the green hula hoop? Do we have any red hula hoops? How many hula hoops are on the floor?

2.) Freeze Dance!

You can play with songs that you know your child loves, or find songs that will do the “freezing” for you. This is a fun way to teach toddlers how to follow directions. Explain that this is a game. We must be moving, bouncing, or dancing while the music is playing. As soon as the music stops, everyone must FREEZE! I like to add a little variety to the game by having them freeze in a different pose each time. The best pose will be pointed out each time we freeze.

3.) Scarf’s aren't just for wearing; you can use them as fun props!

Throw them high in the sky and try to catch them before they reach the ground. Throw one scarf in the air, spin in a circle, and try to catch it in front of you or behind your back. You can also try catching it with just one hand, or with your eyes closed. Spin them in different directions and make shapes, letters and numbers with a variety of arm movements.

4.) What is your child’s favorite animal?

You can act out a variety of animals by walking on all fours, hopping, trotting, slithering, and any other movement you can think of. Children love to act like they are animals, and they love to make their own animal noises! I usually incorporate the Lion King song while doing this fun activity. You can also cover animal facts such as where animals live and what sounds they make if you are introducing an animal they aren't familiar with.

5.) Balancing... a great core workout that can be a challenge for toddlers!

Something as simple as standing on one leg can be a fun way to get kids up on their feet and concentrating on a goal. Make it a counting game by counting how long you can balance on each leg!

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