Holiday Bedtimes Routines With Less Stress!

With Thanksgiving behind us now, Most families begin to focus on the next holiday's festivities and with that comes so much joy. But sometimes we as parents are left with wonky nap schedules and kids too wired for anything BUT sleep. What is the solution to the Holiday bedtime routine sleep madness around the holidays? Simply setting reasonable expectations for your kids can be a first step for the long winter break. What about giving them permission to have an "off-schedule" night every week when it is most needed? Sit them down to explain what their regular bedtime is, what changes they can expect and how you will go back to routine the next night.
   I believe if we knew how easy it was to solve some of these sleep problems with our babies, toddlers and children our holiday stress would be minimized. So how do you go about doing this you ask?
Step one: sit the kiddos down for a heart to heart. Here's where conversation is key about what they want and what you expect.
Step two: give them permission to help choose which night would be most appropriate for that week's "night-off." If they have a choice it will make it even more special.
Step three: take notes to see everyone's stress level drop and more peace on earth- inside your home.
     You can do this. Talk to your kids. You are not alone.
If you would like more information to help sleep simply work better for you and your family-Join us for Sleep Group every Wednesday at 12:30pm with Erika Jones, veteran Doula, Lactation Educator and owner of House of Doula. We would love to see you and welcome you into this great community of support!
Happy Holidays to you and your family, Erika Jones
Mother hold little baby girl