Holidays & Rituals With Kiddos

It’s Holiday Season at the Kanov House. We’ve been celebrating since November 24th (my birthday), and the parties and cake doesn’t stop till the Superbowl...that is, if the Falcons are in it.

Last week, we celebrated both our kids birthdays. This week is Hanukkah. Next week, Christmas. You get the picture. We all love a celebration, any celebration. My son is OBSESSED with cake - I started a hashtag last year #itscake to honor his love.

This year, my daughter turned 2, and my son turned 5. (I turned 25 if either one of them asks). We decided not to do big birthday celebrations this year. There was just too much stuff! Too many presents, too many people. I felt like the ritual was lost in the commercial aspect of birthday. We had 5 friends, my mom, and obviously CAKE! I wanted to focus on the celebration with our family - not typical for a 5 year old. But, it felt good for us this year. Intimate and special.

With Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years upon us - its a fantastic opportunity to look at these rituals with your family and friends, and really honor the experiences. These traditions are the fibers of our lives as humans. They build context to our personality and our identity.

There is obviously no right or wrong way to celebrate and honor something. We’re Jewish and ALWAYS spend Christmas Eve with friends. We celebrate New York New Years with our kids - Just as good at 10:00pm!

As a young family, it is a nice opportunity for us to start traditions with our children that will carry on throughout their lives. When you have children, you are oftentimes reminded of fond memories of your childhood that you would like to pass on. You may also be reminded of traditions that you did NOT like.

It’s nice to recognize this, and relinquish the pressure of providing a perfect, over the top experience for your little one. I believe that celebrations truly come from an authentic and honest place of love and giving.

Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, enjoy your babies. Cherish those special moments with your loved ones and friends. Take time for yourself between the holiday parties and lunches to take a yoga class, get a mani, sneak off to a movie. Take your kids out to breakfast. Enjoy your time together - to me, that’s what the holidays are really about.