Looking For A Natural Solution to Pregnancy Related Health Issues?

Have You Considered Acupuncture? You Should! This ancient medicine may be just what you are looking for. As expecting mamas your bodies are changing everyday as your baby grows. It is such an amazing experience but let’s face it, this is hands down the most selfless time in a women’s life. Conception is truly an incredible physiological phenomenon and a women’s body is designed for the changes it undergoes during the 9 months of pregnancy. This does not make it any easier on the expecting mother, nor does it mean that pregnancy comes without its challenges.  I see women daily in my practice with anxiety, acid reflux, insomnia, back and hip pain, breech presentation, depression, stress, headaches and the list goes on. Almost ALL of these women experience less discomfort, sleep improves and they are more relaxed after having acupuncture. Acupuncture is not only safe during pregnancy, it is very effective in treating a variety of conditions where medication is contraindicated or not medically advised during pregnancy. There is a plethora of valid research that shows the value in acupuncture for shortening the duration of labor if treatment is administered the last 5 weeks of pregnancy, assisting in turning a breech baby, alleviating back and hip pain, morning sickness and depression.  Studies have shown that a mother’s state of mind, stress and anxiety can be detrimental to an unborn fetus and acupuncture can help calm the mind. It can also be helpful for induction (at term), postpartum depression and lactation support.

As a mother, I know that we want the best for our children. I also know that it is critical that we take care of ourselves in order to care for our families. Take time for yourself and allow yourself to eat well and feel good during your pregnancy. It is such a special time and we are so fortunate to have this opportunity! I look forward to helping you throughout your pregnancy and hope to care for your families down the road as well!

Yours in Health & Wellness,

Brittany Lark, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.

Brittany has over 10 years of clinical experience. She specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and pediatrics.  See her full bio on our website by clicking here.