Meet Rebecca, Belly Bliss Baby and Toddler Classes Denver Coordinator

  As parents of infants and toddlers, we spend so much time making sure our babies are fed,safe, and clean. I can’t even tell you how many hours I’ve spent chasing one of my children around with a wet paper towel trying to wipe something yucky off one of their tummies or chubby little cheeks. I don’t know about you, but in my family I feed everyone, I am the enforcer of bedtime, and am oftentimes the symbol of “fun-ending” time, limit setting, and bath.

Just before I sat down to write this, I brushed my 4 year olds’ teeth in the bed after he had a popsicle and ice cream (also, by in bed, i mean - MY BED). I think I’m a pretty fun mom, I’m pretty laid back, I don’t get anxious about mess, or schedule departure. My kids are hilarious, smart and adorable - I’m obsessed with them. I’m also pretty tired. I have two babies (4 and 1), a husband (y’all don’t care how old he is), a job, and family and friends. Just like everyone else I know, I’m spread pretty thin. My dad just asked me when do I eat breakfast and lunch.... “In my car,” I answered.

Anyways, I could go on about being a busy mom - It’s the same story you’ve heard time and time again! My point is, as busy as I am I am constantly reminding myself to Be present. Be engaged. And,have fun! My little babies will only be 4 and 1 once! I want to enjoy every minute of it. It’s worth it to let the laundry pile up, leave the dishes for my husband, and sit down and color with my kids, or make cupcakes because they’re yummy. I want to experience the world through their eyes, which in most cases is on my hands and knees outside. They are seeing this world for the very first time, how cool is that! And, as much as I can absorb their experiences, the more information I will gain about my little ones, and myself. Parenting infants and toddlers is the most authentic experience of truly being in the moment.

As the very fortunate new Baby and Toddler Coordinator for Belly Bliss, I am so honored and excited to facilitate this experience for all of you! Get on your knees and see the world through the eyes of your babies and toddlers. I hope to give our little ones a wide range of experiences, and expose both you and them to some fun, mindful play. We are going to be adding a bunch of new classes and workshops over the next few months, that I encourage you to try! Please keep me in the loop of what works, and what you hope to see more of.

In the meantime, have fun with your babies!


Rebecca Kanov, MS RDTR CMT

Baby and Toddler Program Coordinator

Belly Bliss


Join us for a Back to School Celebration on Thursday August 28th 3:30-5:30 at James Manley Park (the park closest to Belly Bliss, on Josephine and 6th).
Come meet our Baby and Toddler Staff, and play some fun games in the park!
We'll have treats for kids and adults, and a few little surprises.
We hope you can make it!