FIVE Important Ways Baby Sign Language is Helpful for Your Family!

Signing Smart, Baby Sign Language Classes in Denver! 1)      Your Signing Smart infant or toddler can tell you what they want!

You will both experience less frustration if he can simply tell you that he wants more CHEESE, not more crackers!  Or that he wants the shirt with the TIGER, not the one with the baseball bat.  Your child’s ability to communicate simple desires can make daily routines flow much more easily!

2)      And of course, they can tell you what they need!

If they want MORE or they’re ALL DONE. If they have a wet or dirty diaper. If they’re ready for BED. A child who signs BED an hour before her normal bedtime may have you wondering, but the odds are she will fall straight to sleep once she’s there!

3)      With Signing Smart, you obtain insight into your child’s world you might never get otherwise.

When your child signs SOAP with an inquisitive look after you announce that you’re making soup for dinner, you will know what she actually heard. When your child signs AIRPLANE to a plus sign, you will know what an airplane looks like to him! And when your child signs HAT twenty times a day, you will begin to realize how very many people wear hats, headbands, sunglasses and so on!

4)      Signing infants and toddlers communicate earlier.

In signs, of course, as the gross motor skills needed for signing develop much earlier than the fine motor skills required for speech. But they will also talk more quickly and more prolifically... because of their early experience using language (signs), when they begin to speak, they will jump to full sentences and larger vocabularies more quickly due to the conceptual and contextual support of the signs.

5)      Signing Smart brings so many opportunities for fun, bonding and intimacy between you and your child.

Whether it’s blowing MORE BUBBLES in the bath, asking for another BOOK or signing I LOVE YOU at bedtime, signs will open up a brand new world for you and your baby!

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By Rina Coury, Belly Bliss Signing Smart Instructor