Sleep Like a Baby

"Sleep like a baby," they said. "It'll be easy," they said. Have you ever tried sleeping like a baby? Sleeping as a new parent can be tough and we know it! Have you tried everything you know and still your baby's sleep is not meeting your expectations? Come to our Sleep Group called Baby Sleep, Routine and Milestone Support!
Often the truth is found in uncovering evidence-based information which can lead to adjusting expectations. Families many times just need accurate information to make better informed decisions. You can do this! I'll help you talk through conditions of the room such as temperature, lighting, sound or activities prior to sleep. Your baby's calories in day can also play a big role in their sleep as well. Feeding and sleep are linked so closely together forming what expert, James McKenna acknowledges as breastsleeping. Come see us for no-cry solutions to help ease your sleeping woes!
Erika Jones supports Denver families with infants and has worked nearly 10 years as a Certified CAPPA Doula and Certified Lactation Educator. That means a whole lot of condensed time with families in their homes and working through these kinds of situations regularly!