Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids

"I'll do ‘That’ when things calm down!" Famous words from moms..... as a mother of three I finally realize that things are never going to calm down again..... OK maybe that's a little dramatic but I know it's going to be a very long time before they "calm down" and I have "spare time." I'll often think...  If I could just catch up on this laundry and the kitchen and finish all the grocery shopping and plan meals for the week, finally clean out my closet and my car and the garage and my emails and oh yes the list goes on and on and on!!!  What is true for me is that when I make the time to go to a yoga class or workshop or seminar and do something to expand my heart,my mind, and my spirit that it benefits my children and my husband.  When I return to the endless list of chores I feel more focused and happier about doing them. My whole family gets a better version of me when I take time away to enrich myself.Stepping back from my microcosm to connect with a greater vision for women in general helps me to feel creative, connected, vital and alive.

Embracing the Feminine Festival has been a beautiful way this past three years to take that step away from my family for one evening and a day to rediscover myself through being in community with women and the classes that are offered.    The experience of giving and receiving support and being surrounded with so many kind hearted women and ideas has helped me to lead a richer and fuller life.  Last year there was a workshop centered around the topic of specifically giving and receiving support that opened my heart and mind to how much I actually resisted receiving support.  How curious it is to me that when I now need support more than ever in my life as a mother but I would not ask for it...or resist receiving it?  I guess I had this idea that I had to be some kind of super mom and do it all on my own and still try to look and feel fabulous "doing it all".  Turns out that's not true at all and allowing others to support me is a gift for them as well. It seems so silly because when a friend reaches out to me and asks for support it allows me to feel important to them and of service to them which makes me feel really special and worthy so why wouldn't I extend myself and give someone else that same opportunity? That workshop helped me to really feel that truth in my body and soul.

One of the things my husband and I talk about regularly is how we don't get the opportunity to be in community enough while raising our children. You know that old saying "it takes a village?" Well it seems like we are trying to create a village in our own little home. Our modern world does not give us enough opportunities to be in community with other women and share in our wisdom.   Becoming a mother in today's culture can be a very isolating experience and let's face it spending time on Facebook doesn't fill that space of being in community the way that being with actual people does!!! There's this feeling at Embracing The Feminine Festival of truly being connected and alive that can't be matched on any computer.

Written By Chris Anne Coviello

Embracing the Feminine 3rd year facilitator

Maybe there is a way you can quick reference the festival next to the blog with the flyer, something like "here is an opportunity to dive into taking care of you and support women globally while you do it"

Embracing the Feminine

A Denver Women's Festival May 5 & 6 celebrating empowerment and community.