To Be Opened Early December of 2015 - Holiday Gifts 2015 Letter To Self

To be opened early December, 2015…  

Dear Me of Next Year,


‘Tis the season for you to catch the holiday bug and get all giddy about Christmas. It’s really so cute of you and it stems from how much you loved the holidays when you were little. You love the inky smell and smooth feel of wrapping paper and the satisfaction of finding someone the perfect gift. It’s sort of adorable, actually.


But Me of Next Year, please fight the urge to buy a bunch of crap for your then eight-year-old son. You may find yourself at Costco and some nicely packaged assortment of science books that come with a pen that reads them aloud to your child may cross your path and you may think, “I bet he’d like that. And it may buy me some alone time. I’ll get it, it’s only $30.” But here’s the brutal truth: that assortment of books will get opened, looked at, tried once or twice and then pushed to the side. You will wish you hadn’t bought it and you will want to take it back, but then discover that you don’t have the receipt. It will sit in the corner of the room, back in its box, intending to be returned sans receipt and you will look at it each and every day and sigh in despair that today you just don’t have the energy or time to do it on this day.


Me of Next Year, when in the Lego aisle, please remember that Legos are the hardest thing to put away, because once they are built, they will then sit out for months, which will surely turn into years, since their one flaw is they can’t be stacked once they’re built. Your suggestion to take them apart will not only be met with crying, but it will feel like a bit of a step backwards since it took you four hours to build it in the first place. And, so you will walk past a small Lego village everyday and forever wonder, “How the hell do we ever put this away??” It is in your hands to decide how far and wide this Lego village grows.


Me of Next Year, even though you will feel like large toys will make a bigger splash under that wrapping paper, books, Wii games, puzzles and DVDs take up less space and have proven to be used more often. Don’t judge yourself for the Wii game you are about to buy – he will LOVE it. And so will you. That movie you want to get him – it won’t rot his brain and if he doesn’t end up watching it a zillion times like he did with season one of the Smurfs, it only takes up 5.25 by 7.5 inches and can easily be put in a drawer. The opposite of Legos. Think Holiday Gifts 2015!


Me of Next Year, remember this feeling of having too much stuff - this cluttered, “Did we really need all of this?” sensation. Remember your son playing with a few things and leaving many in the dust. Remember that you are setting up his expectations for Christmases of the future and however much you give now will set a precedent for how much you will be expected to give each year. Tone it down before he really remembers the good ole days when he got a boatload of useless stuff.


That is all.



Me of This Year

Christmas magic gift box and a happy family mother and baby