The Top 5 Tips I Have Learned From Patience, A Child Development Specialist & Sleep Expert

Patience can teach us a thing or two about child development. No, I am not talking about patience as a virtue; I am referring to Patience Bleskan, our child development specialist here at Belly Bliss.

Below Are Five of Her Best Child Development Tips for Proper Parenting:

  1. Always talk to your child before making a change - Babies and children understand a lot more then we give them credit for.  Whenever there is going to be a change, say mom or dad is going out of town or you are going to be making a change to their sleep schedule, talk to them about it 24 hours before the change.  They will then be prepared for the change and handle it better.

  3. When we were working on sleep with Patience we didn't want to do the cry it out method so we chose to be with him while he adjusted and we made changes.  He would still cry and I asked Patience how it was different then letting him cry while not being in the room with him.  She explained that by staying with him and talking to him, I was sending the message that there is going to be change in life but I was going to be there with him, working though it and we would figure it out together. This is different for children of different ages and each families' goals. Patience will work with you to find the plan best for your family.

  5. You can say no by saying yes - for example, when our son wanted to play in the dogs water bowl we could say to him that we agreed playing in the water was fun, the water in that bowl was for the dog when she was thirsty but we could go fill up the bathtub later and play as much as we want in that water.

  7. Teaching your child to use the potty is reward in itself - Patience had us talk to our son a lot about how cool using the potty was, how much more comfortable undies are then diapers, how you can run faster in undies and don't have to lay still to have your diaper changed.  This made the reward built into his learning and he was excited about all of these things.

  9. If you are not comfortable with it, don't do it. If you are doing something you don't want to be doing long term don't do it at all.  Be consistent when you are making changes.

Parenting Wisdom & Support - Sleep, Potty, Discipline & More

Patience has been a great resource to us in helping us understand our babies; whether it be getting better sleep or potty training, she always gives great guidance!  We are thrilled that she is offering her amazing expert advice here at Belly Bliss weekly, Thursdays at 2 pm.

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Parenting was never meant to be a solo endeavor. Join us for group on Thursday afternoons to get support and ideas from other mothers, and of course our specialist, Patience Bleskan. Patience is a child development specialist, parent educator and mother of four. As a group facilitator, Patience will provide resources, information and advice in a different areas each week.

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