The Importance of a Childbirth Class

I often get asked why parents should take a childbirth class. There are many reasons I think a couple needs a childbirth class, but here are a few important ones.

  • Get childbirth class information from a neutral 3rd party.

Your doctor or midwife will have years of experience and great knowledge on how childbirth looks but it is very beneficial to hear what to expect and what your options are in a neutral setting where there is more time for discussion. A good childbirth educator who is certified will provide you with a great deal of knowledge so that you can enter into your labor and birth with confidence, knowing what to expect. Our goal at Belly Bliss is to set you up to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

  • When you are in labor, it is not always convenient to have to make a decision on which childbirth procedure is best for you and your baby.

Knowing what tools and interventions are available to you in labor is important for your comfort and the health of you and your baby. When you are in labor your brain is actually working very differently and it is not a good time to have to learn about the pros and cons of a intervention, when having to make a decision. In a childbirth class, you will learn what tools and interventions are available to you so if it is time to make a decision you are educated and prepared.

  • Meet other parents who are also pregnant with children, and due around the same time.

It is great to hear you are not the only one with these questions and thoughts, as often times as a new parent you can feel like the only one thinking these things. Here at Belly Bliss we have many friendships that develop in our class and the families and children are lifelong friends. It is so nice to have friends whose babies and children can play with yours and grow together.

  • Your baby deserves it!

We all want to do what is best for our babies and that goes beyond eating healthy, exercising and buying them the best products. Birth is a huge transition for baby (and for mom and dad); it is important to know your birthing options, as you will be making decisions not only for what affects your body, but also your baby's as well.

  • A child birthing class creates a community.

Women have been birthing since the beginning of our species. There is wisdom in being with other women during their childbearing year that cannot be duplicated by reading books or watching videos. Sharing of stories can not only help moms feel more supported during their pregnancies, but being around empathetic women can help moms realize what they are capable of during birth and as they become mothers.

Belly Bliss offers 4 different child and baby birthing classes; you can read about them on our website within our Childbirth Education page. Also, please feel free to contact us with any childbirth related questions.