Scholarship Coordinator - Childbirth Classes in Denver

Hello!  My name is Michelle Killian and I have recently taken the role of Scholarship Coordinator for Belly Bliss.  I have been part of the Belly Bliss community for several years as a practitioner and as a teacher.  Prior to my time at Belly Bliss, I worked for many years in education as both a teacher and school based leader.  I am the proud mama of a two year old sweet boy, John Patrick and his newborn baby brother, Benjamin.  Being a mom is the most important thing that I do and being a part of the Belly Bliss community helps me stay empowered and strong.  My desire to expand the scholarship program at Belly Bliss is to give women and families a chance to also have such great experiences. Our vision is to ensure that women and families feel empowered during their child bearing years and beyond by offering pre and post natal health and wellness opportunities, education, and community support regardless of their economic situation. I believe in this vision and am wholeheartedly excited about my continued work with Belly Bliss! Check out these upcoming hBB Scholarship - Holiday Programs MAILoliday events and other ways that you can help make sure all mamas and families have the opportunity to grow in health and beauty during their pregnancies and beyond!  I welcome any feedback or ideas you may have!  Thank you!


Visit our website for more information on our scholarship for childbirth classes in Denver.