Empowered Birth

Empowered Birth through Conscious Pregnancy

pregnant women empowered bithWow that’s a mouthful! What exactly does that mean and why don’t we just shorten the name? I have often said, “Labor and delivery is a right-of-passage into motherhood,” and I believe this to be true.

There is a moment the instant after every “first” birth I’ve attended, when I can see a physical change in each new mother’s eyes and face that says,” I’m IN, in that club…alliance….guild, if you will, of motherhood.” But that right-of-passage begins with pregnancy or even pre-pregnancy.

So, first question, what does the name mean? Well simply put, when women/men set intentions around mindfulness and living in awareness or consciousness, they will strive to educate themselves about the choices they may be facing. They will stand up for what is right for themselves, using that education as well as their intuition at every turn. They will surround themselves with a support system of people who are there to help them transition into this amazing place we call parenthood. They will own their yes’ and their no’s, consciously understanding they need/want to focus on growing their baby.

Our class helps define all of this, so that when YOU have “joined that club” you feel strong and empowered. Knowing you made every choice leading to YOUR outcome, based on knowledge and intuition, rather than fear or lemming mentality.

When we own our choices we feel strong and empowered rather than fearful or victimized. Our goal is to help you to understand that YOU get to choose what your family will look like, every step of the way.

When women feel empowered through pregnancy and birth, they are more likely to feel empowered in parenting, raising empowered children.

Now, to address the second question; why not just shorten the name? We have thought and thought about names that might convey the same message and well, so far…nothing. LOL! If your intuition leads you and your partner to our class, we’ll do everything we can to help you along your journey to empowered birth and empowered parenting! By Carole Robinson-Brass, Carole teaches our Empowered Birth Through Conscious Pregnancy Childbirth Preparation series. Click here to read more.