New Year's Resolutions to Exercise When Pregnant

We have all been there, or are there now, we spent the holidays being merry and bright and now feel like it is time to get back into our routines and begin exercising. How do you make the "Back to the Gym" resolution and exercise when pregnant? Here are a few tips that will keep you and baby safe and healthy and feeling good!

Examine Why You Exercise

We exercise for many reasons however when we are pregnant the focus has to shift more to what feels right and good and keeps us strong and healthy. Just because you may need to adjust your regimen from pre-pregnancy does not mean your body is not reaping just as many if not more benefits for you and baby!

Focus on Strength Building Not Calorie Burn

It is important to get stronger as your body grows and has to carry around more weight. It is also important to be strong for labor and childbirth into recovery and motherhood. Focus on exercises that are safe, build strength and feel right such as squats, lunges, barre work, Yoga and stretching. Find classes by certified and experienced teachers so you can relax knowing you are in good hands and enjoy the class.

Pregnancy is a Great Time to Build Strength

Think of it this way, when you used to do squats you were not squatting as much weight as you may be now, this means with all that work you are doing you are getting stronger! Sometimes it is hard to see that we are building strength because our body is carrying more fluid and blood, but once the baby is born it will be easy to see all the hard work you have done.

Find Exercise That Feels Good!

There is a reason prenatal Yoga is so popular, millions of women have figured it out, it keeps you strong, centered and feeling good! Try to work a few days of Yoga into your weekly routine. Even if you have never done Yoga before you will enjoy it and trust us, you will not be the only one in class who is new to the practice.

Find Other Mamas-To-Be to Workout With

Take a prenatal class or find friends who are also pregnant to workout with so you can connect with other pregnant women and feel comfortable. Often times we feel alone in all of the feelings and changes we are experiencing when pregnant and it is nice to meet other women going through the same things. Don't have any pregnant friends? Come to a class and meet some, our mamas often build life long friendships for themselves and their babies.

Have Fun!

Your body may not be able to do what it did before or move in the same way but it may be able to do some things it wasn't able to do before pregnancy. Each day you may find yourself in a new body, let go of expectations and enjoy the place you and your baby are in today, for tomorrow will be a new experience all over again.

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