Five Facts About Women's Abs After Pregnancy

Lets face the facts; most women do not expect to recover the body they had before pregnancy, after having delivered one or more babies. Many even claim it is simply not possible. That's not what we believe here at Belly Bliss. Below are five facts about what happens to women's abs after pregnancy, shared by Amie, one of our specialists in women's fitness.

    1. In the postpartum period traditional abdominals, including crunches and sit ups, put strain on your low back and pelvic floor, increasing your risk for incontinence, back pain, and organ prolapse.  Crunches will not change your “pooch”, contrary to popular belief.

    3. 60% of women have an abdominal separation in the third trimester, and 36% of women continue to have it at one year postpartum.  This is called a diastasis recti.

    5. The transverse abdominis muscle is most responsible for restoring normal abdominal function and strength, not the rectus abdominis, or “6-pack” muscle. A postpartum exercise program should target this muscle group specifically.

    7. Your pelvic floor and abdominal's work together.  A good abdominal program should always include pelvic floor strengthening exercises, or Kegels.

    9. It can take up to a year to return to original abdominal strength and function. Patience is a virtue.

    How Were Your Abs After Pregnancy?

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