Stroller Class Stapleton - Tips - what to know before you go!

Hey Momma!

Hi, I’m Sarah Ann Kelly, owner of and a new teacher with Belly Bliss. I’m so excited to join the team and offer my Stroller Boot Camp Workout Class at Stanley Marketplace in Stapleton!

Here are some tips that I encourage everyone to consider before taking their first class

1)What to eat before class? Look, I’m a mom myself and I totally understand how hard it can be to just get out of the house! However, we can’t show up to a workout without proper nutrition. Class is held every Friday at 9:45 am. I strongly encourage a simple 200 calorie meal taken a minimum of 45 minutes before class for proper fueling and digestion. Aim for a yummy combo of protein, fat, and fiber.

What does that look like?

2 eggs scrambled with a sprinkle of cheese, spinach, and tomato

Toast, half a bagel, a banana, or apple with a scoop of peanut butter

1 cup of oatmeal with flaxseed oil and blueberries

A smoothie with pineapple, scoop of vanilla protein powder, greens, and coconut milk (YUM)

A Pumpkin & Apple Protein muffin  - click for recipe

Or even as simple as a cup of last night’s leftovers

2) What to wear? We will be outside for the first 45 minutes of class, so please dress yourself and baby appropriately. Wear comfortable footwear that is safe for some light jogging or walking. I highly recommend layers for you and baby in case the weather changes and for when we go indoors for the last 15 minutes of class. 3) What to bring for you & baby? Bring water and an exercise towel, sunscreen your stroller, and a great attitude. Please bring any blankets, toys, or treats baby might need as well. They will be in the stroller for the outdoor portion of class and typically we take them out for the remaining inside portion of class.

Yoga mats and all equipment will be provided at our Stroller Class Stapleton.

4) Where to meet? We will meet outside of Logan Coffee Shop at 9:45 and head outside to the path behind Sweet Cow. You will definitely see us, so no worries if you’re running late!

5) What to expect? Class is safe for all-levels as long as you have been cleared for exercise by your OB-GYN before attending class. If you have any concerns about Diastasis Recti or Pelvic Organ Prolapse, please arrive 5 minutes early to consult with me beforehand. I am a postpartum and pregnancy fitness specialist and I look forward to addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Every exercise can be easily modified to be challenging and safe for everyone. I teach proper form and breathing technique to prevent injuries and to help you get the most out of class. Class is safe for pregnant mommas as well.


My general rule is this:

If something feels uncomfortable, like it might bother an old injury, too challenging, or just “off”- STOP

If it feels good, challenging but manageable, and burns- KEEP GOING

I look forward to having you in Stroller Class Stapleton!

Sarah Ann Kelly

Click here to see our class schedule.

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