Marianne Kmak, Lactation Consultant

A welcome letter from Marianne Kmack, Belly Bliss Lactation Consultant

Individual Lactation Consultation

mother breast feedingOur lactation consultant, Marianne Kmak, RN, BSN, IBCLC, works with moms who are in need of specialized lactation assistance and guidance. Marianne is a well-respected expert in her field and has valuable experience as a nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Dear Belly Bliss Mamas,

My name is Marianne Kmak. I am so excited to assist you as Belly Bliss's lactation consultant! I love being an RN & Lactation Consultant, helping you work through your breastfeeding difficulties. My clients are very special to me. Here are some top reasons that I may be of assistance to you:

1.) Pain with latch or breast pain after nursing

2.) Latch and positioning help

3.) Concerns about milk supply

4.) Fussy babies or babies who refuse to nurse

5.) Managing twins or premature infants

6.) Returning to work while maintaining breastfeeding

7.) Prenatal Planning with a history of difficulties with breastfeeding a prior baby.

8.) History of breast surgery and concerns about nursing

9.) Recurrent issues of plugged ducts or repeated mastitis

10.) Questions about pumping and pumping concerns.

To schedule an appointment with Marianne or talk to her about if she could be of assistance to you contact Belly Bliss at 303.399.1191. Or for more classes or services offered by Belly Bliss for prenatal and post-natal care visit the Belly Bliss main site.

The photo above of the mother breast feeding a baby was provided by Rachel Kemble. To see more of Rachel Kemble's work please follow the link to her website.