A Few Newborn Care Tips

There are some essential newborn care tips you should know as a new parent. Amanda Glenn, one of the many talented teachers here at Belly Bliss, offers up her top five new born baby care tips below.

Top Five Tips for Caring for a Newborn Baby

  1. In the first 72 hours of life, if the baby is awake, chance are great that he or she is hungry.
  2. Feed on demand - it establishes milk supply for breastfeeding mom's, and is best for baby's growth.
  3. Avoid swaddling until your baby has regained his or her birth weight so you do not miss your baby's hunger cues. Accidentally skipping feedings can be harmful to your baby's health, and thus development.
  4. By creating feeding stations on each level of your home (assuming you live in a house with two or more stories), you can limit your trips up and down the stairs by 1 to 2 times per day. Stock your feeding stations with burp cloths, a water bottle for and snack for mom, diapers, wipes, and a water-proof changing pad for your newborn.
  5. Do you want to maximize rest for the whole family and limit the amount of time you are awake and out of bed? Then consider "rooming-in" with baby for the first month.

From Amanda Glenn, Belly Bliss Newborn Care 101 Teacher

Want More Newborn Care Tips?

  Amanda Glenn teaches Belly Bliss' Newborn Care 101 class for expectant parents. This is a great class to come and learn the basic care techniques for your newborn baby. Read more and view our newborn workshop schedule.