Allison Benner is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, birth doula, and Certified Rolfer®. Allison deeply values the idea of conscious motherhood, motherhood not as an individual experience that happens to us but a collective journey on which we are all educated and supported participants. She finds prenatal yoga classes are the perfect forum for this kind of sharing of ideas and community building to begin. 

Allison’s pieces in the training include teaching about the importance of breath both in pregnancy and in the birth process as well as quick and effective meditations for moms-to-be. As a bodyworker, Allison brings a structural understanding of the nuances of a pregnant woman’s body to the training allowing new pre-natal teachers to feel confident in their cues and adjustments when working with pregnant women.

Allison teaches yoga around town and is the co-owner of Highlands Wellness Center along with Danielle Vance. At Belly Bliss, Allison facilitates workshops on Breathing and Intimacy for Childbirth.


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