Carolyn Butler

 Labor Doula (CAPPA), Postpartum Doula (CAPPA)

How long have you been a doula? Since 2011

I am a DONA Certified Labor Doula and a DONA and CAPPA certified Postpartum Doula as well as a Breastfeeding Educator and a Sleep Specialist. I have been professional doula since early 2011 and as of 2015, I am a faculty member for CAPPA, training others to be Postpartum Doulas. Besides being a mother and grandmother, I have been a teacher, a trainer and a facilitator for a large part of my professional life. With a Masters in Applied Communication I share my communication expertise with all of my clients.

I love this work because it can make such a lasting, positive difference in families’ lives. All my life experiences have lead me to this profession. Being from a large family and even larger extended family, I have cared for babies since I was very young. I witnessed breastfeeding at every family gathering and frequently cared for siblings and cousins soon after birth. This was truly the “village” concept of child rearing that happened when families lived close together.

Being a doula takes me back to my roots and lets me utilize all my life experiences, while sharing this combined wisdom with my clients. Since most of us have moved away from the “village”, I am very committed to providing appropriate and much needed services for the postpartum period. I love supporting new parents in their homes for the first few weeks (or months) until they are ready to “fly” on their own.

Having been an infertility patient for a number of years, I experienced the birth professionals on a whole different level. Supporting clients who are going through this process is one of my greatest joys as a Doula. Everyone can have an empowering birth experience and I strive to give my clients the tools to make this possible.

Favorite Pregnancy/Birth book: Ina May Gaskins, Guide to Childbirth.

All-time Favorite Book: is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy by Tolkein (I have only read it 3 times so far!!). Books I have loved recently include All the Light You Cannot See and The Gentleman
from Moscow.

Favorite Music: Anything from the late 60’s….Rolling Stones, Beatles, Grateful Dead…as well as a lot of current groups like Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeren, and Mumford and Sons.

If you weren’t doing what you do to day (professionally), what would you be doing?  If I wasn’t doing this work I would probably be teaching something or tutoring kids.

How do you spend your free time?  In my free time I like to spend time with my daughter and grandkids, go to the gym, sew, read and travel.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?  I recently visited Croatia and was awestruck by its beauty and history. I would love to visit Budapest and Istanbul and also want to explore more places right here in Colorado.


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