lorena angelini

Labor Doula and Postpartum Doula

I have being working with families and their children for almost 3 decades, and formally as a Doula for the last 3 years.

Here in Colorado I have learned not only about the wonderful journey of being a conscious parent but how to start from the womb. Birth is a significant experience not only for mothers but for their babies and partners as well. It is a white canvas that you will paint with your eyes covered and only you will end up with that piece of art.

I was born and raised in Panama, as well as my three wonderful children (Nicole 18, Yuyu 14, & Mia 13), and moved to CO in 2006 to offer them a wider horizon of opportunities. Being aware that my birthing experiences would have been different with the information I have today, it is a big desire for me, to share this with all parents in order for them to feel confident with every decision made throughout their child’s life.

Having a support person or team specially during birth and postpartum to keep your space safe, to encourage you to advocate for yourself, being informed and having consent of your decisions, knowing what to ask... combining those tools will help your journey unfold in the most natural manner.

Imagine that trusting your body will represent painting that canvas with the colors you choose, and follow the course of each stroke that your gut may guide you with...

What’s your favorite pregnancy or birth-related book?

A book I love is The Attachment Pregnancy, it explains the mother/baby bonding in detail which leads to optimal parenting habits.

If you weren’t doing what you dotoday (professionally), what would you be doing?

I am working with the Rotary Club Playa Coronado back in Panama to bring them this model of receiving babies into this world and moms to feel empowered in this motherhood journey. I don’t see myself doing anything else. 

You can do this. Own your piece of art.


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