Massage is not just for relaxing. 

It can have profound effects on how our bodies relate in gravity and how we perceive our world.
Belly Bliss offers the massages for 60 & 90 minute sessions, with a variety of types of massages available.


We offer:

Prenatal Massage-

Focuses on alleviating the aches and pains the accompany pregnancy such as back, ligament, sciatic, and pelvic pains. It can also help balance hormones, improve outcome of labor, reduce stress, and increase feelings of nurturing and well-being.


Postnatal Massage

Helps to realign the body after birth and ease aches through the use of Myofascial release, deep tissue, and pelvic balancing. Each session starts and ends with structural analysis of the body.



Please call Belly Bliss at  303-399-1191  or send us your phone number below for more information about Massage Services. Sorry, massages can not be scheduled online at this time.

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Thanks for the massage, it was the best I’ve ever had. L. was amazing. I almost cried when it was over.
— Robyn
I absolutely loved my massage, Beth was fabulous. I left feeling so relaxed.
— Tina H.