Our Story


My business partner and I were friends and started talking in 2006 about ideas for a small, women-owned business where we could pour in our passion and compassion. At the time I was in school, and considering applying to nursing schools.  And Deb was working in banking, but interested in doing something new and starting a business.

In September 2008, we officially opened Belly Bliss in Cherry Creek North. And, if you can believe it, neither of us even had kids of our own yet!  We knew that there needed to be a place for a women owned business that could serves as a place of resources for mamas. A place that could be readily accessible for all types of families. A pace where there was access to all options available when thinking about prenatal and postnatal care. It is an honor to have the unique opportunity to work with parents during this beautiful time in their lives.

We started in 2008 with the same three core areas we currently provide to our mamas nearly a decade later:  workshops for education, weekly yoga and fitness classes for pregnant mamas, as well as parents of little ones, and services such as massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care for overall wellness. Belly Bliss is a fulfillment of our long-held dream to provide a place for parents to find the resources, education and holistic services as they travel into and through parenthood.  


In 2015, we started talking about the possibilities of expanding to a second location. Then Deb and her family made a big move to California, but I decided to keep Belly Bliss going and growing.

I love working with women preparing for pregnancy and throughout pregnancy and into motherhood. I am a certified personal trainer, childbirth educator and doula. Belly Bliss believes that women should sustain their health and the health of their baby throughout her pregnancy. Belly Bliss gives mamas a safe place to give them time to relish their changing body and prepare for labor, delivery and parenthood.  

Belly Bliss serves as a valuable resource for clients. As I went from a single woman to a married woman with three small children, I have also become a client over these ten years! Being my boys’ mother has been the greatest honor of my life. And Belly Bliss is here to honor and recognize you and your family during this magical time in your lives too!

-Lauren Williams, Owner