Our Story


As the co-owner of Belly Bliss it is an honor to have the unique opportunity to work with parents during this beautiful time in their lives. Belly Bliss is a fulfillment of my long-held dream to provide a place for parents to find the resources, education and holistic services as they travel into and through parenthood.  Fitness has been an important aspect of my life since I was a child.  I knew at an early age I wanted to bring exercise into the lives of others in a way that was fun, fresh and fulfilling.  As I developed my knowledge of the human body, its physiology, anatomy and kinesiology, I had the opportunity to work with several women who were having children and discovered what a magical time this was for them physically and emotionally.  Knowing I wanted to continue to work with women preparing for pregnancy, throughout pregnancy and into motherhood, I began to educate myself in every way possible about the changes of women's bodies and the growth of their babies.  Part of this education led me to my doula training where I attended my first birth in 2004; this is when I truly realized how strong women are.  Combining my personal training experience and doula work allows me to take a unique approach to working with women.  

I love working with women throughout their pregnancy to maintain their health and the health of their baby, to give them time to relish their changing body and prepare for labor, delivery and parenthood.  As a Childbirth Educator I am able to be a valuable resource for my clients and for the parents in my classes as my knowledge of the human body and experience in these different yet related fields provides a fresh and encompassing background for teaching.  I am a Lamaze certified educator and have created my childbirth classes to help parents understand the anatomical and physiological changes that take place during pregnancy and childbirth, and to help them prepare for labor, childbirth and parenthood on an emotional, intellectual and physical level.  In addition I am a Dr.Sear L.E.A.N. certified instructor and love teaching doula workshops and attachment parenting workshops here at Belly Bliss.  My sweet little boy was born in 2010 and you can often find him running around the Yoga studios or coloring in the store front here at Belly Bliss. Being his mother has been the greatest honor of my life.