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Belly Bliss' Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is an opportunity to step deeply into your own feminine power as a leader and a teacher. You will broaden your education around how to uplift today’s mothers and ultimately empower their children as they are born into a more conscious, more loving, and more supportive environment. We will ask you to grow in your understanding of yoga as we begin to learn to use the principles of yoga as tools to create powerful prepared mothers and conscious families.


What you will learn:

• Yoga poses, breath practices and meditations that support pregnancy
• How to keep pregnant women completely safe in your classes.

• The psychology of the pregnant mother
• Examination of the birth process ranging from the changes in anatomy to the stages of labor and delivery

While grounded in evidence-based material and decades of professional and personal experience, our teaching style for this training is highly experiential and hands-on.

This training is unique as it is hosted by four different women who will each be guiding and teaching you from their areas of expertise, experience, and education. This collaboration of knowledge will be sure to give you the understanding and training that you desire to help you teach prenatal yoga, support the mothers you are around and understand the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy.


This training is designed for yoga instructors and yoga students, healthcare professionals including midwives, doulas, doctors, and nurses, as well as childbirth educators. We also welcome pregnant mothers, women wanting to become pregnant and those wanting to deepen their knowledge around conception, pregnancy, and motherhood. 



Please call Belly Bliss at  303-399-1191  or send us a quick email below for more information about Childbirth Ed Workshops.

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Thank you so much for such an inspiring weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed the training and really appreciated that diverse perspectives and expertise that each of the instructors and students brought to our learning. I can’t wait to start teaching!
— N.H.


Meet Your Teachers

  Lauren WIlliams   Belly Bliss Owner - Personal Trainer - Doula

Lauren WIlliams

Belly Bliss Owner - Personal Trainer - Doula