"I love going to Belly Bliss, all the classes are great and the instructors are amazing! It’s my favorite place, they always make me feel great." M.F.

"I have nothing but continued praise and gratitude for the appointments and time I have with Dr Jaimy. She is amazing."


I just wanted to say what a great establishment you have. I’ve never done yoga before and the yoga instructor made it so calming and easy to follow and do! 

-Kelly R.

"I just wanted to thank you for this amazing place and those wonderful instructors! I’ve only been attending classes for a week now and I’m hooked! It’s such a nice place and a positive atmosphere and I can tell that my body already feels GREAT! 

Thank you so much and keep up the wonderful work you all do."


Now that I’ve had some time I just wanted to say thank you to Belly Bliss and especially Kait. Plus just check in. I was doing prenatal yoga for a few months spending majority of the classes with Kait. I had prodromal labor that started Wednesday until my boy was born Saturday Jan 6th. I was completely exhausted and I really believe that the exercises I did with Kait and being fit saw me through the laboring poses and finding the strength to work through the birth after such a long process. I hope to return as soon as I am able and bring Leo to classes. Looking forward to it and thank you Belly Bliss and Kait for your services and encouragement. 


"I can't tell you how amazing a resource Belly Bliss has been these last few months. Last summer, I moved to Denver 8 months pregnant and didn't know anyone. I honestly believe Belly Bliss has played a huge role in keeping my postpartum anxiety at bay. To be able to leave the house, get a good workout, and meet new moms has been invaluable. Sarah Ann and Kenzie have especially been helpful- both as trainers and new mom friends. Everyone has been so friendly and I feel like I have found an awesome community. Clara loves seeing the other babies too- her tummy time lasts much longer in the studio than at home :)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how amazing your business is and how appreciative I am of all that you both do. THANK YOU!!"

-Shannon H

"My massage from Beth was definitely the best prenatal massage I have had...and probably close to the very best I've EVER had.  Scheduling with her again in a few week." -Katie W.

"I've never had a better prenatal massage (and this is my second pregnancy). Really nice and relaxing experience. Especially loved the ability to lay on my stomach for the massage. Thanks, will be coming back soon!"

- K.W.

"THANK YOU!!  I will go ahead and register for the class. Now if you will excuse me while I go cry happy tears. You have given this mama HOPE the resources are out there."


"We just wanted to send you a note to say how appreciative we are of all you did for us during my labor and Robert's birth.  We have reflected on the incredible and difficult labor journey, we've been in awe of the gentle, guiding role you played throughout.  You clearly had a strong sense for what I needed and how the labor was going and were able to manage us through each contraction and each phase of labor.  It was unbelievable to be surrounded by such a powerful and caring birth team.  I believe that without your help the outcome may well have been quite different.  As it was, it turned out to be a story that felt remarkable in many ways and one that we will tell to Robert as he grows up.  In addition to helping define my identity, it will also define his." 

-Rachel B

“We honestly couldn’t have done it, or perhaps it’s best to say, would not have wanted to, without Lauren and Jen. They are truly amazing and the advice and support that they offered during pregnancy, labor, and after, far exceeded anything we imagined. ” - Bryanna S.

"Thanks for the massage, it was the best I’ve ever had. L. was amazing. I almost cried when it was over.”

- Robyn

“I absolutely loved my massage, Beth was fabulous. I left feeling so relaxed.”

- Tina H.

“I loved the (childbirth ed) class! Carole did a great job focusing on what was most important to our class members.  She created a safe, warm environment to learn and ask questions.  I would recommend it to others.”

- Kim W

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your support with my breech baby. I know I started coming to you fairly late at 35 weeks, but I am happy to report that he finally decided to flip at 37 weeks! My OB (Dr. D’Ambrosia at Rocky Mountain OB-GYN) was amazed this morning and said she wants to start referring patients to you. So glad I found you two and that I didn’t take the external version route! It felt very good to cancel my c-section this morning.”

- Brooke F.

“Nothing short of amazing. During my pregnancy I suffered with some pretty extreme edema in my legs. Instructors and patrons at Belly Bliss suggested I try acupuncture. I only wish I had gone sooner! I experienced immediate and dramatic relief after just the first treatment!

- Dotty W.

“Being in the childbirth industry, I thought I had the tools I needed to breastfeed easily. However, after my son arrived, breastfeeding was a struggle. Marianne worked with us to resolve the problems in a way that was easy and relaxed. My son and I went on to have a great breastfeeding relationship and Marianne was a crucial part of that.”